Indian Railways has pronounced to grant 50 per cent concession for the Youth participating in the Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat programme.

The concession is applicable to the basic fares of second and sleeper class to the youths with earnings of not more than Rs. 5000 to take part in the programme a month for commuting from one state to the other. Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat programme aims to actively enhance interaction between people of diverse cultures of different states to create an understanding amongst them. The main objective is to celebrate the unity in diversity of our nation.

The concession has been granted as a special case and it is admissible only to normal train services and not booking for Special trains or coaches. The concessional return journey tickets may also be issued on the payment of one single journey fares to persons travelling more than 300km from the journey commencing station to the station serving the place of the Festival.

The concession will be provided on production of requisite certificate in prescribed railway format from the secretary of concerned Department of Human Resources Development of various states. The intending participants are required to submit the certificate to the authorized officers of the Railway concerned.

Certificates will not be issued to those whose travelling expenses are to be borne by the central or state government, a local or statutory body a corporation  a government undertaking or a university.