India is looking to revamp parameters for the Socio-Economic Caste Census-2021 that will characterize qualification of a country family within the nation for different benefits offered under Socio-EconomicĀ Government schemes. The new criterion underworks seems to lead to the avoidance of family units from flagship schemes after the new upgraded census is out.

One Government official said that based on the changes proposed on the parameters, a new survey would be prepared to survey the status of these family units. Sources said that the list of consequently avoided seems to see increments like those secured beneath the PM pension scheme for workers and the PM Kisan scheme. Other than the criteria of family without protecting might be knocked off after enormous pace of development of country houses under the PM Awas Yojana.

The SECC-2011 had recognized families based on 13 programmed exclusion parameters, five programmed incorporation parameters and seven hardship criteria. Out of 179.1 million country families recognized, 39.3% or 70.5 million families fell within the programmed prohibition category, 0.92% or 1.65 million families were within the programmed consideration category, whereas 106.9 million were considered for deprivation.

According to the official, there’s a consensus inside the Government that certain number of family units would have moved from their existing category to another on account of the success of development programs within the last 10 years and subsequently need for a re-look. The provincial development ministry finishes the parameters and soon will kickstart the work out to compile the moment in series SECC is due for launch next year.

The plan is to use Aadhaar as a single identifier of recipients for all its social segment plans whereas surveying the socio-financial status of all the recipients under SECC-2021 to decrease fraud and duplication of social and financial benefits, other than providing a monitoring mechanism for the living standards of beneficiaries.