India has briefly suspended visas granted on or before March 11 to French, German and Spanish nationals. Foreigners who voyage to either of these nations on or after February 1 are moreover banned from entry. The three countries have each recorded between 1,600 and 1,800 cases of Covid-19. India had as of now suspended visas issued to nationals from China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, and Japan – nations with the most elevated number of diseases. India has 61 affirmed cases.  All approaching guests counting Indian nationals are advised against non-essential travel.

The order comes into impact from 1200 GMT on Friday, March 13. Visas of all outsiders as of now in India stay substantial and they may contact the closest FRRO/FRO through e-FRRO module for extension or conversion of their visa or allow of any consular benefit, on the off chance that they select to do so. A notice of this impact is being issued by the Bureau of Migration (BOI). As of March 10, 372 unused cases of COVID-19 have been affirmed in France, bringing the total to 1,784. Murar Yeolekar, Professor at K J Somaiya Medical College and Hospital, Mumbai said, “With the transcontinental spread and rising figures of mortality in Italy, the strict controls and tough measures applied are justified, timely and most essential.  Travel may be restricted,  movements curbed and strict quarantine imposed – this is necessary for other countries with identical situation if the now admitted  ‘pandemic ‘ in one hundred countries is to be reined. The global dimensions of spread of coronavirus are enormous with a huge and unprecedented challenge to mankind, leave aside colossal economic loss. Our attitude to diet and lifestyle may require a sea change as also our attitude and approach to environment.”

Shadakshari DC (Shadki), Management Consultant, Singapore statedPassengers with travel history to China, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Japan, Italy, Thailand, Singapore, Iran, Malaysia, France, Spain and Germany to undergo self-imposed quarantine for 14 days from the date of their arrival, and their employers to facilitate work-from-home for such employees during this period.With respect to restrictions on visa, besides the already issued instructions, all regular Visas (including e Visas) which have been granted to nationals of France, Germany and Spain on or before 11.03.2020 and where these foreigners have not yet entered India stands suspended. Regular visas (including e Visas)granted to all foreign nationals who have travel history to these countries on or after 1.2.2020 and who have not yet entered India also stands suspended.” Dr.Anil Kumar Misra, Experienced CHRO- Magicbricks bringing forthIndia’s worst coronavirus fears said, “It is seemingly coming true. The number of confirmed cases in India stands at 28 now as per the recent health ministry update. Corporate world has a role to play in managing this fear amongst colleagues. Please let me know your point of view on what Corporate India should be doing as a precautionary measure to contain the fear around this virus and strengthen corporate preparedness to tackle affected cases?”

The few common suggestions were allowed people to work from home basis the need, publish travel advisories for both domestic and international travel, distribute masks and sanitizers, drive awareness around precautionary measure etc. Over 1,600 positive cases are recorded in Spain as of now. In Germany, 1,139 cases have been reported up until March 9.