Mumbai: Health Minister Rajesh Tope said on 15th march that the incidence of coronavirus has increased in the state but the death rate is lower, Citizens should avoid unnecessary crowds. Lockdown is not an option for the growing number of patients but the restrictions will be tightened. The health minister appealed to the people of the state to abide by the Corona rules and cooperate.

The health minister said 85 per cent of the total infected patients in the state did not have symptoms. Therefore, most of them have been advised to separate their homes. As a result, there is currently no shortage of hospital beds in the state.

The triad of tracking, testing and treatment is being carried out to prevent the spread of infection and the number of corona tests is being increased in the state. Strict restrictions are being imposed to prevent crowds at weddings, social functions, etc., and citizens should also be careful not to crowd spontaneously. The use of corona prevention rules such as safe distance, use of masks and frequent hand washing by citizens can limit the number of patients. Therefore, restrictions should be followed to prevent lockdown, the health minister Rajesh Tope has appealed.

Vaccination has been accelerated in the state and at least one and a half lakh people are being vaccinated against coronavirus every day. The health minister said that there was no shortage of vaccines in the state and efforts were being made to increase the number of vaccinations in private and government hospitals.