Belapur: Dr.Sanjay Mukherjee vice chairman and managing director of Cidco ( City and Industrial Development Corporation ) said that, “Cidco is happy that the Ganesh temple of Kopar village has been restored in the rehabilitation area and the religious and cultural keep of the villagers of the airport affected villages is now being preserved in a new form “

The inauguration of Swayambhu Chintamani Ganesh Temple of Kopar village, built in the rehabilitation and restoration of Navi Mumbai Airport victims, Pushpak Node. Sanjay Mukherjee’s auspicious hand was made on February 08, 2021 at the time he took out this loan. Swayambhu Chintamani Temple of Kopar village affected by airport has been built at Plot No. 53, Sector-R 4, Pushpak Node. On this occasion, CIDCO’s Co-Managing Director Mr. Ashwin Mudgal was present.

For the first time in the history of India, a mixture of happiness, enthusiasm and satisfaction was seen on the faces of project victims inaugurating a new place of the temple. The reason is that the project victims have been given 22.5 % and the best package in the country under the rehabilitation and restoration scheme of Navi Mumbai International Airport project and migration construction for collateral work. The villagers of Kopar village have come a step forward and have helped to bring out this international ambitious project of Navi Mumbai International Airport.

Along with the best package given to the project victims, CIDCO has provided plots in the field of rehabilitation and restoration to the village temples. A plot has been given to temples in their villages as per the demands of all ten villages affected by the airport project. CIDCO has given Rs. 1 crore for the construction of the main temple in the village. CIDCO has always emphasized on the sum rehabilitation of project victims. This is the completion of this, considering the social needs of the project victims, CIDCO has paid funds for the construction of plots and temples for their temples.