Nerul: 300 beds capacity buildings that have not been in full capacity for many years of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s Nerul and Airoli hospital has been inaugurated. Abhijit Bangar has taken initiative and started empowering health services by starting medical and ICU wards, the Municipal Corporation has done a very good job to prevent Covid, the Minister of Maharashtra State for Urban Development and Public Construction and Guardian Minister of Thane District, Eknath Shinde noted. On this occasion, the Minister should implement the process of starting a medical college on behalf of the Municipal Corporation. All the necessary co-operation at the government-level will be done for this.

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation expressed their thoughts on the inauguration ceremony of 15-15 beds medical wards and 10 beds ICU ward for men and women at Rajmata Jijau Hospital in Airoli and Maasaheb Minatai Thackeray Hospital in Nerul. Thane Lok Sabha member MP Shri with Eknath Shinde. Rajan Vichare, Member of Legislative Council, MLA Shri. Ramesh Patil, Municipal Commissioner Abhijit Bangar, Additional Commissioner Sanjay Kakade, and Shrim. Sujata Dhole and other respected people were present.

On this occasion, the ′′ Prescription Free ′′ scheme was launched by the Minister. Under this scheme, from February 1, 2021, patients taking treatment in Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s Hospital will not be given prescriptions from doctors and all types of medicines will be given free of cost through Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Isn’t this prescription free scheme a matter of relief to common people? Eknath Shinde stated in a special way. With his hands, the medical superintendents of the hospital were given a certificate of the prescription free scheme.

Currently, some medicines are given free of cost in Municipal Corporation Hospital and if some medicines are not available for technical reasons, they have to be brought from outside. However, from February 1, 2021, 100 % of all types of medicines will be provided free of cost to patients in both inter-patients and external patients in the Municipal Corporation Hospital. The buildings in Nerul and Airoli have been constructed with 300 beds and both the hospitals are striving to serve the citizens at full capacity. In the next stage, both these hospitals are planning to start all types of surgery as well as facilities for osteopathy and eye treatment.