People management has been going through a radical change in the ever evolving technology era with AI creating a flutter in the all tech space. Fear of loss of human touch here is imperative.

However people should not forget that Human Resource (HR) will always be HUMAN RESOURCE. How can one take away the element of human away from it? After all humans will be one connecting the dots between AI and the much required capabilities like emotions, health, well being, OD, identification of strengths and empathy etc. Employee experience will solely be understood and calculated based on human experience and behavior and commitment. Employees will need to continuously adapt to the changing HR scenario. HR should see AI as a tool to enhance positive recruitment instead of seeing as a threat. Use of AI in recruiting can reduce or even remove time consuming search of apt profiles from the large pool of resumes. Manual screening of candidates can become obsolete with the usage of AI resulting in HR function becoming smoother and faster. After all, the current and future trends is about cutting edge technology.

Another big change that will be affecting future is the flexi working, both in terms of time and space. Companies and firms will need to embrace the demand of working from a different space and time. This will not only benefit the employees but also the culture and profitability of the company. Flexi working will have work life balance for the employee specially the women work force with benefits like increased happiness index resulting in more alertness and attentiveness at work, more engagement , less tardiness as well as improved ability to handle work pressure.

The future HR trend should put more emphasis on flexi working model as a must for their foray into change. Case study of flexi or shift working has been proved in the Hotel and service industry already and this can be implemented in the corporates as well. With this, HR department will have more involvement in the space of staff management resulting in more importance of HR in the companies.

Jayati Choudhary has been a HR professional with more than 15+ years as a HR Generalist & Recruitment Specialist in many a reputed corporate like GECIS, Vodafone, Raytheon and handled clients like Maruti, Hyundai, Toyota, General Motors, Asian Paints, Sodexo, Aviva Life Insurance etc.,  A firm believer in the motto ‘Never Give Up’, she has single handedly created, groomed, trained and built a team from scratch to a successful profit centre. In her little free time, she blogs at