1. Tithi

A special feature of Hanuman Jayanti is that according to some panchangs, the birthday of Hanuman falls on Ashvin Krushna paksha Chaturdashi (fourteenth day of the dark fortnight of the month of Ashvin), while according to others it is on Chaitra Pournima. In Maharashtra, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on Chaitra Pournima (April 27, 2021).

2. Importance of celebrating Hanuman Jayanti

On the day of Hanuman Jayanti, Deity Hanuman’s Principle is a thousand times more active when compared to other days. On this day, chanting ‘II Shri Hanumate Namaha II’ and worshipping Deity Hanuman with bhav (spiritual emotion) helps in getting maximum benefit of His Principle.

3. Method of celebration

On this day, in a Hanuman temple spiritual discourses are started at dawn. Deity Hanuman was born at sunrise. At that time the spiritual discourse is concluded and the birth celebrations begin. Then the Hanuman Idol is worshipped and prasad is distributed to everyone.

4. Worship of Deity Maruti

Deity Maruti’s another popular name is Hanuman. Hanuman is omnipotent, most powerful, fearless, a supreme devotee and also well known as a promoter of the science of music. Hanuman is an ideal example of conjunction of multiple attributes such as spiritual emotion, devotion, Divine Energy, cleverness and intelligence, which one considers as life-fulfilling.  

Sindur, leaves and flowers of rui and sesame seed oil have maximum ability to attract pavitraks of Hanuman, therefore it is advised to offer them unto Hanuman.  

It has been customary since the earlier times to offer coconut to Hanuman in the temple. The coconut should be held in front of the Idol of Hanuman. The tuft of hair of coconut should point to the Idol. One should pray to Hanuman for His sattvik frequencies to enter into the coconut. Then the coconut should be broken and one part should be kept with oneself and the remaining part should be offered to the presiding Deity of the place. By doing this, the distressing energies and inferior ghosts in the vicinity of the temple receive the offering through the medium of the presiding Deity and they get satisfied.  

If a person buys oil to offer it unto Maruti to overcome distressing energy, there is a likelihood that that energy may adversely affect the vendor. Therefore, instead of buying oil from vendors sitting outside a Maruti temple, one should offer oil brought from home.  

This year, in some places due to the corona pandemic, there may be limitations on performing this festival as usual.

However, in this adverse situation, we can do worship of Hanuman at home also by chanting ‘‘II Shri Hanumate Namaha II’ and doing ‘puja’ with other rituals.    

Reference: Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text ‘Maruti’
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