Mumbai: 1) Home delivery of liquor is allowed in those districts where liquor sale is permitted except containment zones.
2) Only FL-II, FL/Beer-II, AL/W-II will be home delivered by retailers. 
3) Liquor will be sold to permit holders. If customer doesn’t have any permit then can get permit from the state excise dept by applying there.
4) Customers can book their orders via  WhatsApp, SMS, and by calling. All retails shop owners should flash the contact numbers outside their shops.
5) Retailers will have to make their own arrangements for delivery. As this order is for a limited period Required passes for the Delivery person can be obtained from Excise SP or Dy Sp officer. These officers will issue them valid ID cards.
6) Retailers cant engage more than 10 people for home delivery. Delivery persons who have got valid ID card will deliver one order at a time. One Delivery agent can’t deliver more than 24 units per day.
7) Customers can pay in cash or via a Debit credit card with the help of a POS machine.
8) Retailers will have to sale of liquor on MRP. They cant charge any extra amount for Home Delivery.
9) Delivery Agents will have to follow these strict rules 
i) Delivery agents should get medical certificate from Doctor.

ii) They will be given ID card by the Excise department 

iii) Wearing a mask, head cap & hand gloves are compulsory

 iv) Use of hand sanitizer is compulsory.

v) Retail shop owners should do thermal scanning of all delivery agents.

10) Retailers will have to maintain a separate book for home delivery liquor.