Heer Kothari in conversation with the lead protagonists, Rasika Dugal and Purab Kohli from ‘Out of Love’ (Season 2)

Out of Love (S2) looks relatively effortless at the start, but there’s no time wasted, at getting straight to the point. In conversation with the lead protagonists we learn, “As a series, the plot from season one has progressively evolved from showing hoodwinking and infidelity to revenge in season two. The directors have beautifully emphasised the emotions between seasons. Whats even more interesting is the character arcs are better defined, and accelerating the intensity of the plot.”, adds Purab Kohli, who plays the part of Akarsh Kapoor.  The unique selling point to the series is, unlike in feminist inclined series or plots where the man is usually shown crumbling down like a pack of cards, here Akarsh comes back with a bang delivering even more pronounced shades of grey.

Inquiring of the kind of preparation Akarsh was involved in to enliven his character Purab adds, “The preparation for Akarsh Kapoor started from season one itself right from the time the script was being penned. Akarsh has got a conniving trait to him. We’ll constant find him using these bamboozling ways to keep the plot alive and upbeat. As an actor I’ve got to keep in mind that Akarsh has something playing on his mind, which doesn’t and perhaps shouldn’t quite reflect in his demeanour. These aspects add more drama to the plot.” We also learn that Purab was slightly sceptical of taking to playing this character at first. He adds, “In the original series the protagonist is a bit of fanatic and an asshole. But in ‘Out of Love’, the character’s graph picks up in an unconceivable manner. This is precisely why I took to the challenge of essaying the part.”   

Purab and Rasika have been associated right from the time they’ve been studying together. They share an excellent onscreen chemistry, and its evident, how both these protagonists are purposefully relying on one another to impart a winning streak to the series itself. In a conversation with Rasika Dugal we learn, “Meera Kapoor’s character has certainly matured. Revenge is cold and full of surprises, and the character of Meera Kapoor is even more nuanced in season two. Dr. Kapoor pretty much acts on impulse. As a protagonist I’d state that victory of the plot lies in the fact that it leaves the audience confused and taking sides, while the victory in the character lies where the audience feels your confusion and see your struggle. Hence Meera Kapoor’s character has a little bit of both where you see her evolving from strength to strength, but her impulsive decisions has her falling back a few paces.” Speaking of some of her favourite sequences in the series Meera quickly adds, “In season one the dark side to Meera unfolds in season 5 where she’s exposing the illicit involvement between Akarsh and Alia. In season two some of my favourite sequences unfold in the latter episodes that haven’t yet released, hence I’m going to remain tight-lipped about it.”

The conversation with the protagonist closed as both stated that if the opportunity presented itself, both would be keen on trying their hands in production, direction or writing too. They’d never say, ‘NEVER’.  

Author: Heer Kothari