Google and Fitbit have presently declared that the look monster is, in fact, buying the health wearable maker. In a press release, Fitbit said that Google is procuring the company for $7.35 per share in cash which is approximately $2.1 billion dollars.

With Google’s securing of Fitbit, the brand’s gadgets will likely be way better able to compete with the likes of the Apple Watch due to all the R&D cash Google has accessible to toss at the producer. By obtaining Fitbit, Google is reaching to get an enormous leg up within the growing wellbeing wearables market and can leverage its well-known software services and wealth of information to create Fitbit gadgets that will be superior able to compete with the Apple Watch.

The Cofounder and CEO of Fitbit James Park said that there are trusted brands that supporters more than 28 million dynamic clients around the globe who depend on our items to live a more beneficial, more dynamic life. Google is a perfect accomplice to develop our mission. With Google’s assets and worldwide stage, Fitbit will be able to quicken advancement within the wearables category, scale speedier, and make health more accessible to everybody.

Fitbit is one of the foremost prevalent wellbeing wearable makers. The company has recently stood within the shadow of Apple and its Apple Watch, which, agreeing to Apple’s most recent numbers, is seeing colossal YOY development.

Why does Google need to purchase Fitbit?

Google needs to construct smartwatch and wellness band equipment and Fitbit makes a difference them do that more rapidly. Google is working to solve and reassure equipment accomplices. In Google’s VP of product management for Android, Google Play, and Wear OS, Sameer Samat, specified in a post that Google is looking forward to collaborating with Fitbit to bring the finest of our smartwatch stages and health applications together, and empowering our accomplices to construct the following era of wearables.

Meanwhile, Google ought to near this deal and more critically it ought to go all-out to do everything it can to assist and support Fitbit clients. People love their Fitbits and the data Fitbit is fantastically intimate with them. Google whiffed when it communicated changes within the Works with Nest program it completely can’t bear to whiff when it talks to people approximately their health information. The tie-up may too empower Google to grow into advanced digital health, taking after Apple in associations with analysts and medical facilities which utilize wearables to gather data.