|| Article Contributed By Prashad Ambatipudi ||

Plants are an integral part of living earth. Life gets throttled out in the absence of plant kingdom. Plant kingdom may live without animals but none of the animals can exist without plants.

In the Ancient India forests were classified as national wealth and living temples; any harm done to the forests was treated as a crime equal to that of  murder.

As on date, people of the world, agree that Ayurveda [the healing science of India] is the mother of every healing discipline across the globe. More than 4000 years ago, “Charaka”, the master physician scripted “Charaka Samhita”, describing more than 2500 plants and their medicinal uses. Charaka Samhita is a standard text-book even today!

In this treatise, he has said something quite revolutionary! Charaka stated that if there is a major health problem in a particular locality, the herbs which can give relief to that said problem grows in the vicinity. Yes.

I was a professional traveler for most of my working life. Whenever I visited a place, I used to observe the flora and fauna around the place. I learned that, though could not clinically research and verify, if there’s an abundance of certain herbs which can solve a particular health condition, that health problem is quite prevalent in that area!

To give an example, consider Mumbai and greater Mumbai; you will find lots of Castor plants, Nirgundy [Mewri], Arka [Madar] and even Datura plants, almost everywhere. All these plants benefit circulatory health problems like body-aches, arthritis, spondylitis, swelling etc., Mumbai does have substantial number of these patients!

Further, if you search the roadside, you can find Bhoo Amla, Kantakari, Apamarga, Gokkuru, Kasini, Punarnava plants and the more common, cluster-fig trees. These plants benefit liver, kidney and pancreas.This goes to prove that the Master Physician “Charaka” was and is right because Mumbai is more or less considered as the Diabetes capital of India! (Huh, just a mention here, however in the lighter vein! Please do not destroy these plants thinking that incidence of diseases will decrease with the decreasing number of medicinal plants and trees in the vicinity!)

As Indians, we are a very adaptive race with commendable amounts of commonsense. So, give a try to live in sync with nature. Adapt a healthy life style. Spend time in physical exercise, walk around, breathe easy, meet and talk with real people rather than virtual beings!

I am quite positive that Mumbaikars will be a lot healthier! And, just think about the medical bills you can save !!!

The author is the co-founder of Dhanvantari Tatva Holistic Care. He has been in the field of herbal therapeutics research and production for almost three decades. You can reach him on his email : [email protected]

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