Small mandals are making biggest hits in the city for making innovative eco-friendly clay icons

Heavy downpours lashing Mumbai overnight has thankfully come to a halt with some sunshine and light showers which made me willing to visit the foremost inventive and artistic Spicy Ganpati within the city. Yes! To find a reply to your raised eyebrows you have got to visit Shree Sai Darshan Mitra Mandal at Malad (West) where the small pandal at Malad Subway is utilizing distinctive environmental embellishing materials to form the most inventive idol. Indeed the aficionados are attempting their best to form their top pick ‘Bappa’ see the foremost wonderful.

Shri Sai Darshan Mitra Mandal has made a Ganpati icon made of a collection of Indian flavours and cereals – mustard seeds, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, chilly is created into a Ganesha. It’s nine-feet tall and weighs 190 kg. Following its tradition of making interesting symbols, this mandal has taken things towards an environment-friendly direction this year, keeping the intellect of its thought process of spreading awareness and encouraging using biodegradable products among people.

Having made Ganpati symbols out of Chikki, Football eraser, flavours, toys, chocolate, pencil, old coins, wood, cardboard, wax social media logos & symbols each year, this year, the Shree Sai Darshan Mitra Mandal utilized cereals and daily household spices. Himanshu Jhun jhunwala , a committee member said, “It gets to be troublesome to come up with a modern concept each year but we love to utilize Indian flavours that distinguish Indian food. In a way, we are depicting Indian culture in its genuine sense.”