Mahape: Legislator Ganesh Naik demanded immediate resolution of issues by MIDC after presenting the same to the regional officer Satish Bagal here on November 10.

Though most MIDC officials were doing excellent work, Naik warned that he will seek recourse democratically against some of those deliberately obstructing public amenities to favour vested interests.

Stating that the pressure of water supply being very low, Ganesh Naik expressed that citizens were greatly inconvenienced and hence this issue should be resolved at the earliest. He called for the rehabilitation of the slums under the Slum Rehabilitation Authority Act, which he insisted should be executed by the local authority.

Often officials in nexus with the builders do demarcation of plots that hinder traffic movement and other public amenities, alleging so, Naik demanded that MIDC transfer all public amenity plots to NMMC free of cost for providing public amenities like public toilets, gardens, rickshaw stands, etc. He called upon the MIDC officials present, to provide employment on priority to the Project Affected People.

The legislator stated that he would meet the MIDC officials once every month to take stock of the action taken on the demands made on behalf of the citizens and follow up the same.

The Barvi dam was constructed to cater to the MIDC industrial belt and alleging that efforts are on to transfer the dam to one municipal corporation, Ganesh Naik warned that he will resort to a public protest against any such move. Trucks and tankers carrying chemicals and other goods ply in the MIDC region in very large numbers and these vehicles park haphazardly causing traffic congestion, stating so Naik demanded that MIDC construct a truck terminal and utilize land not merely for commercial purposes but also for public amenities. Bagal assured to address this and do the needful.

Ganesh Naik also visited the Airoli-Katai flyover work under construction by MMRDA and Prakash Bhangare, superintendent engineer of MMRDA and senior officers of the technical consultant Aakar Abhinav briefed him about the status and progress of the said project. Naik affirmed that this route was very useful for commuters plying to and from Mumbai to Kalyan-Dombivli via Navi Mumbai. Bhangare informed that a valuable suggestion made by former legislator Sandeep Naik to provide entry and exit points in Navi Mumbai on this route has been incorporated in the project.

Naik has proposed a signal-free Thane Belapur road for the smooth flow of traffic. MMRDA has constructed 2 flyover and 1 subway on this route. The travel time to Thane from the city has come down from 1 hour to 20-25 minutes, stating so he demanded a signal-free travel on this road, to which Bhangar and Aakar Abhinav showed positive response.

He also visited the Bio-diversity Centre in Airoli village and took stock of what further amenities could be provided to develop it further and also visited the jetty there. He called upon the mangrove officials there to refrain from denying the local agri and koli communities of the region to avail the right of thoroughfare and the conduct of the rites for the departed, to which the officials agreed.

On the complaint by former corporator Ashok Bhauso Patil about filling being done on the mangroves for the construction of the pillars for the flyover, Ganesh Naik demanded an explanation. The officials informed that the ministry of environment had permitted the said filling for the constution work of the flyover by MMRDA on condition that the filling will be cleared after the construction of the flyover and the holding pond would be cleaned too, to which Naik demanded a written assurance and the officials agreed to give it.

Former member of parliament Dr. Sanjeev Naik, former mayors Sudhakar Sonawane and Sagar Naik, former standing committee chairman of NMMC Anant Sutar, former opposition leader Dashrath Bhagat and other former corporators and office bearers also accompanied Ganesh Naik on the visit. Former corporators Ram Ashish Yadav, Shashikant Bhoir and Amit Medkar and social workers Vikas Jhanjad, Suresh Pal and Ganesh Medkar placed issues of their wards before the MIDC officials through Ganesh Naik.