Gandhi Research Foundation (GRF) will participate in the world scale exhibition ‘Gandhi Going Global.’ This exhibition would be held for three days from May 24 to 26 at New Jersey. Institutions from all over the world preaching and practicing lifetime work of Mahatma Gandhi are expected to participate in this prestigious exhibition. This exhibition will be the attraction for Gandhians and researchers who would visit it in large numbers. The GRF will unveil special envelope of Department of Post on the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji and Kasturba. This envelope will have the stamp of Department of New Jersey Post.

‘Gandhi Going Global’ is being organized with the major aim of celebrating the birth anniversary of Ba-Bapu (i.e. Kasturba and Mahatma) at the global level.

This exhibition will be held at Convention and Exposition Centre, New Jersey in the premises measuring nearly one lakh sq.ft. area. There will be a museum explaining Gandhiji’s lifetime work and a photo gallery highlighting the major events which happened in Mahatma Gandhiji’s life. Several films made on Gandhiji will be shown there. One can hear and see the selected addresses of Mahatma Gandhi in this exhibition.

Grand Stall of GRF
The GRF will display an exhibition in a stall measuring nearly 25000 Sq.Ft. in this global level exhibition. This exhibition will highlight several incidents and events which happened in the life of Mahatma Gandhi. The GRF exhibition will represent several principles of Mahatma Gandhi and will be spread over 14 sections. The information of about reputed world leaders whose opinion about Mahatma Gandhi will be displayed in ‘World Global Leader’ section.

To attract Youths and Children
The information about how transparency came in Mohan’s life and how his character developed will be presented in an interesting but separate manner. There will be several small tents and Gandhiji’s information will be presented in the form of animation, comics and info graphics. There will be several types of games. While one plays the games, he learns the principles of Mahatma Gandhi and it will impact the youths and children and mould their thoughts.

Gandhian Thoughts to solve Modern Problems
Those people visiting this exhibition will understand whether the problems and issues of hectic life style will be solved using Gandhiji’s philosophy. There will be several tables installed and kept in this section. They would list the problems and issues while there will be cards suggesting answers to those according to Gandhian principles. Spectators can sit at the tables and select the cards corresponding to problems and issues and get back the answers by Gandhian principles.

Thoughts of Nobel Winners
Fifty countries have got the freedom after taking an inspiration from Gandhian thoughts. Several people who adopted the Gandhi’s thoughts and propagated them in the world have been honoured with Peace Nobel Awards. Opinions of these Nobel award winners about Mahatma Gandhi have been displayed there. The opinions of about 20-26 such leaders have been displayed.

Information about and work of the Gandhi Research Foundation (GRF)
The GRF has undertaken the rural development work taking inspiration from the Gandhiji’s thoughts. The info about this work has been neatly presented in this section. Besides this, the info about Gandhi Vichar Pariksha (Gandhi Thoughts Exam) and audio-video guided museum set up at Gandhi Teerth will be given here. Gandhians and Gandhi researchers will provide guidance to the problems of visitors to this global exhibition. The special envelope based on relations between Gandhiji and America will be released on behalf of the GRF.

GRF exhibition to stay in USA for a year
After the conclusion of the ‘Gandhi Going Global’, the exhibition by the GRF will be gifted to the Gandhian Society of America. Thereafter, this exhibition will be displayed in different states of America. There is a tie-up with the GRF and Mexico Satis University. According to this tie-up, Dr. John Chelladurai and Ashwin Zala will be taking workshops on behalf of the GRF. The GRF Coordinator Uday Mahajan’s special guidance has been very significant in setting up this grand and global level exhibition.

Highlighted Characteristics ‘Gandhi Going Global’ will be set up in one lakh sq.ft. area.
The GRF exhibition will be spread over a 25000 sq.ft. area.
Opinions of world leaders about Mahatma Gandhi will be seen.
Animated form of Gandhiji’s lifetime work will be seen.
A jail will be set up at the exhibition, visitors to experience it.
Gandhian researchers to provide guidance on modern issues and problems.
Special Postal Envelope based on Gandhiji to be released.

Bhau (Bhavarlal Jain) took the lead in setting up of a world class museum ‘Gandhi Teerth.’ Former GRF Chairman and former Chief Justice Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari had also provided special guidance for it. It is a matter of pride for Jalgaonkars that the GRF set up at Jalgaon will participate in global level exhibition. The GRF has undertaken the rural development work which is inspired from Gandhiji’s philosophy. The world will be able to know and understand it through this exhibition. Gandhians from all over the world will be visiting it and innumerable people will be connected to Mahatma Gandhiji’s philosophy.
-Ashok Jain,Director, Gandhi Research Foundation, Jalgaon.

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