Ever since Galwan valley incident happened blame game started on the failure of army and intelligence which often gets fueled by efforts of bringing in connection to Kargil intelligence failure of 1999. The question to huge finance being sanctioned to R&AW and other intelligence agencies for bringing in information and army not sending troops in Ladakh for training exercises due to COVID 19 pandemic has been seen as a failure by many but we need to see the final outcome which is a victory in both Kargil and Galwan.

The fearless troops of Bihar regiment showed a display of utmost courage and attained martyrdom not before inflicting damage that even opponent party is not ready as China did breach trust which Indian forces had since years where Chinese forces conduct exercises and return back but this taking Pakistan’s Kargil attempt went in an aggressive posture.

The Chinese leaders who by large have read Art of war book focus on trying to see conflict in their opponent camp by any means and surely Indians questioning their own security forces are only a sense of happiness to Chinese authorities as we are not counting the ultimate result where Indians proved how lethal our soldiers are even when unprepared.

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The question of losing our brave jawans in this aggression cannot be compensated but dependents of troops feel proud and are willing to come and lay down their life even if it is needed when fighting our nation’s enemy.  As Indian, our support towards our armed forces must not be based on failure but the supreme courage they displayed in keeping our territorial integrity even after not receiving much-needed respect in a society where soldier before and after retirement still has to stand in a queue for getting all government works done.