Everyone wants to throw the best New Year party ever!!!

But we never know where to begin with, when we have less time more work.

Here are some fantastic tips that will ease up your workload and organizing can be less stressful:-

  •  Make a list

Like every warrior needs their shield, the party planner needs a list. Making a list and jotting down the items can make your work easier and party trouble-free.

  • Guestlist

Most of the times it happens that you forget to invite your closest people to the party. So make a guest list a put tick for the guests who are all coming to your party.

  • Invitation

 Last-minute invitations are never appreciated especially for the New Year’s party. Everyone must be thinking about the party plan so you better invite them early. Message them the venue and time.

  • Theme based

Theme parties could be a lot more interesting than normal parties. You may keep a dress code and awesome themes which could make the party a lot more fun. Arranging games could add up more spice to the party. And make sure to involve everyone in the games.

  • Order sufficient food and drinks

Never order less food or drinks for your party as it would leave a bad impression upon the guests. But order enough to feed unexpected guests who tag along with the invited ones. And order food from the place you know, New Year’s Party is not the stage for experiments.

  • Receiving

Someone from your family or friends organizing the party must receive the guests and make them feel comfortable. Talk to guests properly as everyone has starting trouble in parties. After receiving do not ignore your guests in-between keep asking them if they liked the party? Is the food great? etc. it will make them feel valued.

  • Children space

If the party involves children and parents you must keep a separate section for these little ones to enjoy themselves so that they would not feel left out of the party. There should be an adult in charge of the kids to make sure the kids are enjoying themselves and are safe.

  • Beware of Party poopers

Every party has this category of people- the one who spoils the cheerful environment of the party. Therefore always try to avoid situations where the guests have to complain and if it occurred to solve the problem calmly.

  • Arrange for a good DJ and Sound system

The party vibe can be easily destroyed if the DJ does not play good party music and also if the sound system has technical issues, therefore it is better to test every thing prior to the party

So we hope you throw an awesome party with the tips given above.

News With Chai Wishes You A Very Happy New Year!!!