The two foot-over bridges (FOBs) that interface Churchgate station to Wankhede Stadium will be destroyed after the following IPL season closes in May 2020. Agreeing to an assention between the Mumbai Cricket Affiliation (MCA), Western Railroad (WR) specialists and IIT engineers, the bridges will not be utilized beyond May 2020. An MCA part said that they will utilize the bridges for January 14 ODI between India and Australia and for IPL recreations within the summer, after May they ate aiming to destroy them.

WR has continuously fought that the two bridges are utilized as it were by cricket fans, instead of the common open and in this way it is the MCA’s obligation to maintain them. The two bridges interface the northern conclusion of Churchgate station with Wankhede’s North Stand, Sunil Gavaskar Stand and Vittal Divecha Stand. Already, the MCA had gone through Rs 11 crore to repair bridges on the suggestion of IIT specialists. But as of late, the engineers said they remained perilous and required immediate repairs.

The bridges, which have been assigned as unsafe, have been a bone of dispute between the MCA and WR. But the MCA’s new administration has come to an understanding by an agreement to carry out the recommended repairs, and in the long run to destroy the bridges and construct new ones. According to the MCA authorities, Rs 30 lakh has been distributed for the repairs, which are in advance and are anticipated to be completed by Tuesday. The MCA has too called for a budget assess for the two new bridges it’ll need to construct to supplant the old ones.

Credits: Mumbai Mirror