Mischief makers, tricksters, youngsters and comedians are looking forward to celebrate the most light-hearted day of the year, April Fool’s Day. This Day is celebrated in every corner of the world from Europe to Asia. From fooling friends by tricking them into eating biscuits with a toothpaste filling or playing all sorts of mischief. Today is April Fool’s Day which has history of almost 500-years old tradition.

Every coin has two sides so is the month of April, looking at the serious part of April. April is the month which has historical importance which some might not have knowledge about.Two of the Historical events that happened in the month of April are:

. The Reserve Bank of India was established on April 1, 1935- The Reserve Bank of India was founded on 1 April 1935 to respond to economic troubles after the First World War. RBI was conceptualized as per the guidelines, working style and outlook presented by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in his book titled “The Problem of the Rupee – Its origin and its solution” and presented to the Hilton Young Commission. The bank was set up based on the recommendations of the 1926 Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance, also known as the Hilton–Young Commission.

. The income tax act was enacted in 1961, and it came into effect from April 1, 1962.The financial year (FY) runs from April to March the reason behind this is India have two major crop seasons: Kharif and Rabi (or Rabbi). The Kharif season starts in April, and Rabi season get ripe in March. Most of their taxes during British days were being paid in the form of crops. So, the government prepared its annual budget keeping these crop patterns in mind. Therefore, the financial year was from 1st April, and ends on 31st March. Even after independence, we are following the same fiscal year.

Looking at the lighter side today is the day of spreading smile and having fun. Here are 10 pranks which you can try on others without hurting them:

1) Fake cockroach :
Place fake cockroach at the places where people sit regularly and leave rest of it to the fake toy.

2) Toothpaste Biscuit:
Take any cream biscuits lick all the yummy cream of the biscuits and now apply toothpaste on the biscuits. Now fools whoever comes in your way.

3) Fool them:
Pretend that you are planning something big for April Fool’s Day but at the end of the day do nothing at all.

4) Flip the Screen:
It’s so easy, it’d be an April Fools’ crime not to use it on somebody. All you have to do is get access to their computer—wait until they’re at lunch or on a bathroom break—and hit Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow. It instantly flips everything on their PC screen so it’s upside down.For a Mac, go to their System Preferences, open the Displays option and click on the “Rotate” menu.

5) Scare  them :
Sneak a scary image into your colleague’s drawer and then the next thing u have to do is sit on your chair and have a great laugh.

6) Dead Mouse:
Block their mouse’s sensor using a post it notes with some amazing and funny note. You can even use your colleague’s picture and draw on their face. When they will notice that their mouse doesn’t work, they will turn the mouse only to find the note or image.

7) Meet me! :
Leave a sticky note saying ‘Meet Me!’ on your colleague’s desk without any name and few hearts. Let them guess the sender’s name.

8) Sugar and Spice:
Replace salt with sugar or sugar with salt, guaranteed to bring a surprised look to anyone’s face when they tuck into their food or sip their coffee.

9) Fart all the way:
Place the toy which has inbuilt farting sound and place it under sofa or u can use sound effects too.

10) Well, there are only 9 pranks. You are pranked!

So what are you waiting for? Prank people and spell those three magical words ‘April Fool Banaya!’