Basque Country: Gregory Anthony, 29, a boxer from Bayonne is training himself for epoch making, international wheelchair boxing match. He told News12 of New Jersey that he is driven to achieve his dreams. He also informed that while hitting punching bag, he see his life going places that he never expected but he is glad where ever it is going.

Anthony used to box standing up. But he was shot nine years ago and is now confined to wheelchair. He apprised that during due course he discovered about wheelchair boxing. Informing about wheelchair he said, The wheels he use are tilted and able to spin a lot quicker plus It is very light weighted too,

Anthony will compete against Christopher Middleton of Great Britain, which will take place on Nov. 2.It will be the first International Wheelchair Boxing Event with Great Britain versus the United States, According to the World Adaptive Boxing Council’s website,

Anthony says that the international match-up helps build a case for wheelchair boxing to be officially included in the Paralympics. He end up quoting that, “My ultimate goal as far as wheelchair boxing is to let everybody know across the world that no matter what your situation is, if you’re in the disability and you’re feeling down, it’s a life after this. You can do anything”.