Mumbai: In the midst of the fall in prices and jumble between the cost of production and actual price, the farmers over Maharashtra, on Saturday launched protests demanding higher cost and subsidy from the state government. The All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) members and Milk producing farmers have hit the streets. A few of them purged milk cans as a mark of protest.

Demands stand as:

  • The central government must quickly take back June 26 notice clearing imports of 10 lakh tons of milk powder, which is able to annihilate the lives of milk farmers all over India.
  • The Central Government must cancel its choice to import milk and milk items from the USA in return for export of medicines.
  • The state government must grant a direct subsidy of Rs 10 per liter to all milk producers so that they get the cost of Rs 30 per liter that they were getting some time before the lockdown.
  • The cost that the farmers are getting now has collapsed to Rs 17. The milk is continuing to be sold to shoppers at Rs 48 per liter.
  • An export subsidy of Rs 50 per kg must be given for large stocks of milk powder that are lying in the country’s godowns.

The scheme announced by the state government of buying 10 lakh liters of milk per day was restricted to as it were almost 24% of the milk companies and hence fizzled to benefit farmers. Thus they demand that instead of the State Government buying milk or giving subsidies to milk companies, a direct subsidy of Rs 10 per liter must be transferred to the bank accounts of all milk-producing farmers. Minister of Dairy Development Sunil Kedar had as of late held assembly with farmers and other stakeholders. In any case, the Government could not put in place any concrete policy to grant help to farmers.