Comedy is an Art. Comic Timing is a Skill. Only a Few Masters.

Stand up comedies are the new emerging trend of the cities. Why is it trending? And how did it become famous all of sudden?!!

Stand-up comedies are performing in front of a live audience creating an illusion of dialoguing when it is a monologue.  It is shocking as well as mesmerizing to know that even though stand-ups have been happening for a very long time, it did not get the exposure it has today. Many stand-up comedians are famous not only is in India but also all over the world. Nowadays Indian stand-up comedians are going abroad to western countries to perform, they have created a synergy- ability to connect with their audiences. We all love something that tickles our funny bones and something that gives us stomaching laughs. There are ‘n’ platforms where the comedians can showcase their talents on Open mics at clubs and also YouTube is one of the best platforms to gain an audience.

 Today it is one of the mainstream forms of entertainment. Comedians seriously dedicate themselves to joke-writing and understanding the culture and the mindset of the people. They create authentic jokes to capture the attention of the audiences.

Every field of work has its taboos and stigmas – male chauvinism is one such issue that has not spared the field of comedy. There are few female stand-up comedians who breakthrough free from these stereotypes and created a name for themselves. Stand-up comedians are indirectly an opinion forming and influential people who play quite a good role in creating perspectives among people. The ugly part comes in where the comedians ruthlessly joke about critical issues subjugating any person, place, etc., passing unwanted vulgar comments on women and sexual intimacy destroys the vibe of comedy. There is a very thin line between humor and obscenity. These are some cheap tricks used by the comedians to get the attention of the audiences 

Many comedians joke with decent and healthy comedies and get hilarious laughs from the audiences.  Good content makes them renowned in this arena and are appreciated by the viewers. Constructing humor is mastery not everyone’s piece of cake.

So if you are ready for a good belly laugh, here are some some links to the stand-up videos.

Go watch now!!!