In past it has been reported about wetlands illegally being destructed at Belpada. Many activists and Environmentalists have complained about the same.

Environmentalists have reported to the Bombay high court, Mangroves Protection Committee and Other authorities about the enormous destruction of wetlands in Raigad.

It is reported that during the festive weekend in order to grab the land illegally, some trucks carrying debris and earth was dumped into the protected wetlands at Belpada. Miscreant took advantage of national holiday. Activists Vivek K. were amongst first person who reported about illegally activity.

One member of Mangroves Protection committee have demanded local tehsil office and police to lodge a complaint.
Amongst few eco-sensitive zone Belpada wetland is one of them where flamingos in large number are also found. If this wetlands is fully reclaimed, then it will highly affect the migratory birds. BNHS earlier Bird survey report for the upcoming Navi Mumbai Airport has also sturdily urge that such wetlands must be conserve so that the birds do not create hassles in flight paths.

JNPT had already turned a 500 acre wetland at Dastan Phata into a dust bowl under the ruse of developing land for housing project for people affected by airport project .JNPT shrug Off by giving reason that the area is not formally delineate as wetland.