At 94-year-old Harbhajan Kaur is particular in making besan barfi and different sorts of pickles–the Chandigarh venture has developed in good strength. Raveena, her daughter made an endeavour to begin. She has taken a step ahead for her mother into beginning an entrepreneurial venture–making yummy treats that everybody in their family had developed upon. “I had a fulfilling life, but my only regret is that I never earned any money on my own. I wish I had.” said Harbhajan Kaur.

Raveena recalls, “All our lives, we have had food at home, including sweets, and squashes, and sherbets. She [Harbhajan] has always been such an amazing cook but was content in remaining behind the scenes.”

Speaking about the first time that Harbhajan sold besan barfi, Raveena shares, “She first set shop at a local organic market on her own, She sat there, interacted with the customers, and came home with Rs 2,000 which was her first ‘own’ earnings.” Since at that point, Harbhajan made barfis and chutneys and different sorts of pickles, taking her items to the organic market every ten days. In spite of her age, she proceeds to work and indeed appreciates it.

Before long, she began getting orders, pacing them to create beyond any doubt that she is never exhausted. Whereas Raveena has been the quiet constraint behind her mother, Harbhajan’s granddaughter made a difference with all the branding and packaging. The tagline–Bachpan yaad aajayegi evoked nostalgia.

When asked about the growth of the brand, Raveena says, “More than the monetary aspect, the fact that mom (Harbhajan) is so much more confident now is what I see as growth. The same lady who wouldn’t sit in a group because she was shy, has been giving interviews, and speaking to her clients about feedback etc., which in turn, has transformed her life.”

Over four a long time, she had made over 500 kg of barfi, where one kilogram is estimated at Rs 850. Directly, the venture is run by the family and they arrange to utilize others before long, given that the phone is continually buzzing with requests and orders.

Credits: The Better India