Vashi: The ongoing discourse by Swami Swaroopanandaji, global head of the Chinmaya Mission, on the Gayatri Mantra, at the CIDCO auditorium, here from February 2 to 5, witnesses a spell bound audience, keen to grasp every drop of the vedic wisdom of the most powerful Gayatri mantra. 

Swami Swaroopanandaji began the discourse on the first day with what he termed as an orientation program by briefing about Sage Vishwamitra, who received this mantra, known to be the essence of all Vedas, through Shruti, and passed it on for the benefit of all generations to come. 

Swamiji, on the second day, delved on the way the mantra should be uttered and the physical and mental preparedness for the same. His discourse, so effectively, laid emphasis on the major issues like cleanliness, stress busting, the significance of a girl child, preservation of tradition and culture, along with the accurate rendition of the mantra, as also rendering service to one’s benefactors, God and Guru.   

The Vashi wing of Chinmaya Mission’s Swaranjali group presented very melodious bhajans, prior to the talk by Swamiji on February 3.