Belapur, October 4: Deputy Commissioner of Police – Traffic, Navi Mumbai Sunil Lokhande inaugurated the ‘Apollo Life Saver’, a public awareness initiative on medical emergencies, at the Apollo Hospital auditorium, here in Navi Mumbai  today.

Commending the Apollo Hospital’s Life Saver Initiative, DCP Sunil informed that the traffic police department had initiated the ‘To be a Good Samaritan’ initiative in Mumbai, in which autorickshaw drivers and the public were trained and motivated to reach out to people needing emergency medical attention and rush them to the nearest and best available medical care during the golden period to save lives. 

Informing that 250 traffic police personnel in Navi Mumbai have been trained by Apollo and MGM Hospitals, Lokhande stated that 100 % police staff in the Navi Mumbai Commissionerate would be trained under the Apollo Hospital’s  initiative and emergency vehicles stationed at Palaspe in Panvel, Uran and Belapur. 

Santosh Marathe, COO and Unit Head, Apollo Hospital, Navi Mumbai highlighted the role of the traffic police in making the initiative successful. He pointed out the significant effort of the traffic police and their approved guidelines in managing the green corridor for medical emergencies like transplants and cardiac care.

He informed that the hospital’s 24 hour emergency no. 1066 will presently be available in a radius of 30 kms., which will be gradually extended to cater to more regions. 

He stated that 90 % of the consultants work full-time in the hospital and 60 beds are available for critical care. He further added that the Emergency department of the hospital met the best global emergency care standards. The hospital’s 24 hours emergency care ambulaces are so well equipped that they are virtually ICUs on wheels, he stressed. 

Dr. Nitin Jagasia, Head – Emergency Medicine, stated that ‘patients often experience warning signs before an impending medical emergency and tend to either ignore it or put off medical intervention, which could be very critical. Hence to educate and create awareness among the people, Apollo Hospitals have initiated a year-round – Apollo Life Saver program. Through this initiative we will train the public in the community, public institutions, schools, colleges and corporate on basic life saving training and first aid management in medical emergencies’.

Pointing at the rising incidences of heart ailments among the youth, Dr. Rahul Gupta, Cardiology Consultant, informed that India ranked first in the number of heart patients in the world. He added that generally patients dismiss warning signs of pain as gastric or acidic symptoms and the medical response is avoided, which proves fatal. 

Dr. Sunil Kutty, Neurosurgery Consultant at the hospital emphasised the availability of trained doctors round the clock at Apollo Hospitals to deliver emergency care efficiently.