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Daily Archives: May 18, 2019

666: मैंगो सीजन: गर्मियों में आम के मज़े जरूर लें, लेकिन संभलकर

गर्मी का मौसम हो और व्यक्ति आम का सेवन न करे, ऐसा तो हो ही नहीं सकता। कुछ लोग तो सालभर गर्मी का इंतजार महज इसलिए करते हैं ताकि वह फलों के राजा आम का रसीला स्वाद चख सके। वैसे तो...

Congress’ Campaigns – Through The Litmus Test

“Ab Hoga NYAY”! Political party campaigns are created primarily to woo the electorate before elections. The battle cries are catchy, topical and usually larger-than-life. They capture the essence of the campaign theme, which in turn reflects the prevailing environment.

664: Divorce A Social Taboo????

They say Marriages are made in Heaven - I say no. They are very much made in the mother Earth and have to be constantly worked upon to make it go smoothly. I believe nobody in this world want to...
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