Navi Mumbai: The Coronavirus pandemic has killed lakhs of people worldwide, devastated millions of families and gravely disrupted global economies. India has earned the disrepute of ranking third in the number of afflicted people.

The evil forces in humankind are raising its demonic traits across communities under the cover of this COVID-19 threat, which is real. These cannot be simply pushed under the carpet and calls for mass vigil and reaction.

The extortion in the form of inflated bills by some rogue hospitals, the feigned slip-up by the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company to fleece escalated and disproportionate costs from all citizens under the false pretext of more usage during summer and the lockdown, the unjustified hike in fuel prices that are linked to the global market price that have actually fallen a great deal, the big loot of citizens by grocers, vegetable and fruit vendors with impunity, the unchecked inflating of prices of medicines and the unlawful payments made under the guise of emergency purchases for disaster control measures are some of the blatant, visible crimes going unpunished under the cover of the pandemic.

Even in the wake of nature’s fury in the form of floods, cyclones and the pandemic, there are authorities trying to make sinful gains out of these. One wonders how will they ever manage to convince their conscience about the perpetration of such heinous acts. They are certainly under the false notion that they are not answerable to anyone for these. Karmic laws will pay them back in their own coin without affording any opportunity to apologize or lament.

As the acts of commission, so also are the acts of omission. One would expect social activists and political leaders as also the handsomely paid officials and bureaucrats to address the above issues, instead of seeking vain publicity for works they are duty-bound to do. Political leaders have failed, to utilize their mandate or following, to stem the anti-citizen activities by the profiteers under the cover of the coronavirus crisis.

There is hope when we see selfless individuals, institutions, NGOs, corporate houses and groups tirelessly working to alleviate the sufferings of lesser fortunate brethren. Security personnel from the police and defense services, medical and para-medical teams, sanitation workers and media personnel on the field are braving all threats to keep the nation healthy and secure. A grateful nation will always remember their contribution in these challenging environs and not forget in a hurry the offenders, who should be held accountable to prevent the repetitive occurrence of such acts during future disasters and epidemics.