Belapur: According to various restrictions announced by the Maharashtra government under ‘Break the Chain‘, curfew has been imposed and citizens are not expected to leave their homes without an urgent reason. However, teams of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation are taking action in collaboration with the police department as it has been observed that some citizens are leaving their homes for morning walks or evening walks.

On 26th April, Belapur Divisional Officer and other six Commissioner Shri. Shashikant Tandel, Senior Inspector of Police, NRI Police Station, Shri. Ravindra Patil Taking action jointly with 18 persons who went out of the house for evening walk in the complex area without any reason, a total of Rs 18,000 was recovered.

However, despite the curfew for the Morning, Evening Walk, the Municipal Commissioner, Shri. Abhijeet Bangar had announced the decision to conduct test on the coronavirus in the same manner as legal action against the citizens who violated the rules and obstructed the corona preventive measures.

Its implementation has started on 28th April and a legal case has been registered against 32 persons who went out for a morning walk in Jewel of Navi Mumbai area in Belapur division and antigen testing has also been conducted there. In this, 2 corona infected persons who have tested positive have been notified to the medical officer of the Civil Health Center and admitted to the Covid Center.

Navi Mumbai Mumnicipal Corporation Mr. Abhijit Bangar said that, The fight against COVID-19 is to be fought by all citizens with common sense but at a safe distance from each other. In this, for the benefit of the health of all, it is very important for everyone to abide by the rules and regulations of the government and the citizens should fully cooperate for this and not allow a bad time to come.