Preparation to open the dedicated COVID Health Center in Export House soon

COVID jumbo vaccination center shifted from export house to ESIS hospital

Turbhe: Since March 10, there has been a significant increase in the number of corona cases in the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation area, with a sharp increase over the past week. Therefore, on the one hand, more effective implementation of ‘Mission Break the Chain’ for Covid 19 prevention has been initiated and on the other hand, emphasis has been laid on opening a Covid health Center which has been temporarily closed for proper treatment of corona infected patients.

In a special meeting held on March 22, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Shri Abhijit Banger , has given the instructions, to Dedicated Covid Health Center of Radhaswami Satsang Ashram at Turbhe, Sector 24 has been operational since March 24 in just two days. There, on the first day itself, on March 24, 152 corona-infected people have been admitted for treatment.

Similarly, preparations have been made to reopen the Covid health Center at Turbhe Sector 19, which is temporarily closed at the Export House, and the dedicated Covid Health Center will be ready for Covid ambulance service in the next few days. Jumbo Vaccination Center at Export House shifted to Vashi ESIS Hospital. Currently, a Jumbo Covid Vaccination Center has been set up at the Export House. The Jumbo Vaccination Center has been shifted to ESIS Hospital, Sector 5, Vashi where the beneficiaries are being vaccinated from 9am to 5am at this place

Normally, the number of Corona affected started decreasing after Diwali and the Municipal Corporation had temporarily closed some Covid centers. However, now as the number of corona affected is increasing again, Mr. Banger has decided to reopen some Covid health centers by reviewing the current situation. For that, the necessary doctors, nurses and health workers are being met on contract method.

Covid health center at Radhaswami Satsang Ashram, Sector 24, Turbhe has now been opened from 24 March and the center at Export Bhavan (Export House) will be opened soon. Like these two dedicated Covid health centers, some temporarily closed Covid care centers are being opened and some of these centers will be reserved for women.

Navi Mumbai municipal corporation commissioner Shri Abhijit Banger said, that “Necessary measures are being taken to break the chain of corona as well as to re-activate the health facilities required for covid-19 sufferers. Citizens of Navi Mumbai should go out wearing masks and wear them regularly till they return home, keeping safe distance and keeping their hands clean”