Other than all the online games, workouts, and a few balcony photographs, there’s more work to be done — the washrooms need to be cleaned, walls and pantries cleaned, and floors cleared and wiped.  Also, there are dishes need to be washed, laundry, and of course, healthy food and actors of the tinsel town is realising it fast.

In the midst of the across the country lockdown, the popular TV actor Hina Khan took to drawing to portray the present scenario of the nation. Hina took to Instagram, where she shared an outline of India tied with a bolt and chain.

She wrote, “My next sketch inspired by the current situation of our beloved country. This picture will communicate more than a thousand words and stories rather. This is the time when India is facing another difficult challenge.” She added: “And we will make it and survive because you know what they say, History repeats itself. #IndiaUnderLockDown#21DayLockDown #StayIndoors#Meditation #SketchingTime.” Her fantastic sketch has attracted several eyeballs getting more than 412 likes on the photo-sharing website.

Earlier Hina Khan has engaged her fans by cleaning her home and old doormats amid Quarantine. Amid this coronavirus lockdown period, everyone’s getting inventive and utilizing this time to hone their skills and learning new things.

Hina Khan shared her message on Instagram saying, “#LetsGiveHerABreak #WeShallGetThruThis #JustForFun #NoOneInNoOneOut since we have stopped calling our domestic help due to Covid-19.. Mommy says (Ab khud Kaam karo, I will only cook).” She added, “A tribute to mine and all the mothers out there who do all the house chores day in and day out without a complaint.”

Whereas cleaning the floor she told us what a day of a celebrity may look like when there isn’t anybody to do their chores for them. Well, we would have never known the hard work it takes to clean a house. And the sound effects speak up your misery.