Prime Minister Narendra Modi just addressed the nation at 8:00 pm on Tuesday on coronavirus outbreak in India. The Prime Minister has shared details on vital aspects relating to the menace of COVID-19 and how to fight it back. Cases of coronavirus contamination in India have crossed 500, and 10 patients have died in the nation due to the dangerous virus. PM Narendra Modi declared 21 days lockdown over India for three weeks. There will be all efforts by the Government to contain people movement.

Top 10 Highlights

  1. 21 days lockdown across India to contain coronavirus. PM Modi’s second address on Fighting Coronavirus: “Jaan hai to Jahan Hai

  2. Italy or America, all their wellbeing systems, their healing centers are all considered the most excellent. Their standards are excellent but the reality is they have not been able to contain the virus.

  3. Government has taken great measures of spending Rs 15000 crore for medical facilities to coronavirus affected people – for equipment, ventilators, and isolation beds.

  4. ICU Beds, ventilators, medical and paramedical manpower, and other efforts will be on the highest priority.

  5. Social distancing is a must for everyone. Do not cross the boundaries of your home.

  6. This coronavirus is spreading, it’s been observed that when it does spread, it’s very hard to lock its spread. Only in 11 days, from 2 lakhs it has reached 3,96,160 cases.

  7. We should salute all the people, like doctors, health assistants, society staff, police, media persons and others who are busy working 24 hours.

  8. This could be an exceptionally troublesome time for poor people right now. People from distinctive parts of society are requested to help these people. Our combined efforts will succeed.

  9. Citizens are requested not to take any medication without a doctor’s prescription. Stay away from rumours and do not spread such word.

  10. Adhere to all rules of the central government over the next three weeks of the lockdown. Stay safe and take care of your near and dear ones