Government authorities ordered all non-essential businesses in Mumbai and over the broader state to close from midnight till the end of March 31 to handle the Covid-19 pandemic. Maharashtra has closed down all non-essential services, private workplaces in its major cities till March 31. At 52, the state has the most elevated number of affirmed coronavirus cases within the nation.

What to Keep in Mind?

  • Mumbai, MMR Region, Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad and Nagpur have affected cities.
  • Milk and grocery shops, banks, and public transport will remain open
  • Attendance in government workplaces will be brought down to 25% on rotation basis.
  • Delhi, which had as of now closed down dine-in operations at restaurants till March 31, has requested closure of all shopping centers.

Ashmi Bhadra, CA – Bansi S. Mehta & Co. delivered a strong message for citizens, “There are still people who have to travel from locals. Not everyone has got work from home opportunity. Everyday the fear increases. Mumbai local is the lifeline of Mumbai yet is the biggest risk factor in the current situation. There are people who are still ignorant. Just imagine it takes one infected person in that particular one local to do the damage. I urge all the bosses out there to give the employees work from home opportunity. If not at least give them a cab facility. If not at least keep alternate days working. Find some solution for the employees. It’s a serious situation, why do we have to wait until a case is detected in our office? I completely agree that not all offices are equipped with all the facilities, but precaution needs to be taken NOW!”

Pranav Vashi, Strategy Manager, CEO Office, IDFC FIRST Bank expressed his disappointment saying, Never saw Mumbai so vigilant about anything. Local trains are almost empty. More than 80% crowd using public transport, are equipped with masks. People are using sanitizer every now and then. Most people are working from home. Crowded places like malls have shut down. Traffic has reduced significantly. Organizations that are still running have implemented adequate measures like body temp checks, commonplace deep cleansing, awareness campaigns, sanitizers everywhere, etc. If efficiency and productivity levels of ecosystem are still maintained like before or are better, many parts of this can continue to be way of life even after COVID-19 pandemic is over.” Milind Kshirsagar, Founder and Chairman – TiruBaa Technologies Pvt. Limited appealed the Government,Please shut down all local trains and buses in Mumbai before it’s too late. 70 lac people travel daily by Local trains. We are sitting on the time bomb. There is only 1 doctor per 1000 in Mumbai. 4 days shut down is less hurting than spreading coronavirus.”

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray addressed the public saying “Banks will proceed to function, government workplaces will work with a quarter of their staff, buses and trains will run, food and medicines will be available. Stock exchanges and certain financial intermediaries will be open.”

India today confirmed 283 cases of the novel coronavirus, almost twofold from five days back. India has closed key cities to halt the outbreak from entering the stage of community transmission.