Frightened by the vicinity of their neighborhood to Dharavi where a few inhabitants have tested positive for coronavirus, the inhabitants of the region have taken it upon themselves to uphold a more stringent lockdown in their area. These local youth watching the region are not indeed permitting food delivery operators to enter despite the Government exempting such services from the lockdown.

Home to around 25,000 individuals, Mahim incorporates the Fishermen’s Colony, Mori Street, an area of Mahim and the police quarters, all of which were totally locked down on Monday. No one was out on the streets owing to watching by the local youth, and all shops, counting groceries, shops were closed with the exception of medical stores.

The inhabitants have chosen to shut down all shops counting grocery stores and dairies to avoid anybody from venturing out of their homes for any reason other than medical. The limitations will be lifted as it were on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, from 9 am to 12 pm, as chosen by the inhabitants. The government has forced a lockdown for social distancing so that the spread of the disease can be limited.

Mumbai South Central Lok Sabha MP Rahul Shewale on Tuesday encouraged Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, to totally lockdown Dharavi, one of the foremost congested urban zones in the world to avoid from emerging as a COVID-19 epicenter.  The area, a gigantic labyrinth of shanty colonies, small scale units is a portion of Shewale’s constituency and right now has seven COVID-19 positive people. The Shiv Sena MP said, “If the virus is not contained in Dharavi, then Mumbai will be in serious trouble. The spread of Coronavirus can be very fast in Dharavi due to the congestion.”

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Kalpesh Dandekar, a local resident said that these measures are not followed. We still see people on the roads, riding bikes without any reason, and that is why we decided to enforce a stringent lockdown in our locality.” He added, “We were left with no other option as our area is located close to Dharavi, where the count of positive cases is increasing by the day.”

Implementing a more rigorous lockdown in Mahim was a coordinated effort. Local groups, cutting across party lines, first came forward and formed a WhatsApp group of around 150 people, where a decision to enforce a stricter lockdown was taken.

“After the discussion, we first circulated messages to residents in the area through our group members. We also announced our decision on loudspeakers so that all would be aware of it. All the residents of the locality supported us, and no one stepped out of their homes on Monday,” said Milind Vaidya, a local corporator.

COVID19 update from Dharavi

  1. 2 New cases
  2. 25 M from Mukund slum found in high-risk contact of Mukund Nagar positive
  3. 35 M Dhanwada Chawl Dharavi ( contact tracing in progress )
  4. Total cases Dharavi- 9
  5. Dr. Baliga Nagar – 4 ( I dead 3 admitted )
  6. Vaibhav appt -1 ( 35 M Dr )
  7. Mukund Nagar 2. 49 M & 25 M
  8. Madina Nagar  -1. 21 M
  9. Dhanwada Chawl-1. 35M