Vashi: Vishaka Subhedar, popular comedy actress,  in conversation with Kailas Muralidhar Ghegade, trustee of Shri Vignahar Ganapati Devasthan Trust, Shrikshetra Ojhar, Junnar, Pune, Dr. Jayaji Nath, chairman of the Sports and Cultural committee of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Kisan Kaware, a bank official and social worker and Vishwarath Nayar, editor of Raigad Observer, made three serious observations about parents and children. 

Vishaka, who conducts theatre workshops for municipal school students in Thane,  was in Vashi on February 26 at the Vishnudas Bhave auditorium’s VIP room. She was here as a guest at Kala Avishkar 2020, an inter – Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation schools’ Art and Cultural competitions prize distribution function on that day. 

She pointed out reactions of parents and children on three outcomes. Firstly as soon as the children complete a one or two days theatre workshop, the first thing some parents ask is – when will my child get a chance in cinema, serial or drama? 
Vishaka stated that this desperation and provocation of high expectations could drive the child and parents to anxiety and depression. These workshops do hone talents, but the overall benefits are that it enhances the child’s smartness and develops personality. Hence the child should be allowed to enjoy the workshop training and blossom without pressure of hasty expectations, she remarked. 

The second point she raised was of one success celebrity status. No sooner a child gets a successful break in cinema, serials or theatre, he/she and the parents too develop a ‘superior than thou’ attitude towards others in their group or community, thus alienating the child from his/her own friends and sinking into a negative mode with others around, leading to isolation and frightening solitude. 

The third point, she stated, was after becoming popular in films, serials and/or theatre, suddenly the offers for work stop coming and the child and parents both go into depression, particularly if the child has given up his schooling and see no light ahead. 
However, addressing the gathering at the function later, Vishaka Subhedar called upon the children to pursue some form of art, stating that giving free expression to one’s art is a sign of living happily.