Mumbai: Mild to moderate vehicle citizens of color blindness raste vahatuka and highways to get driver’s licenses, the Ministry of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules to Form 1 and Form 1 is issued a notification to upgrade. GSR 401 (e) dated 24th June 2020 is a social and convenience regulation issued by the Ministry 

A number of measures are being taken by the Ministry to provide transport related services to the disabled and especially to obtain driver’s license . Guidelines have been issued for people with disabilities to get a driver’s license and also for people with monocular vision. 

 The ministry had received complaints that it was not possible for people with color blindness to obtain a driver’s license due to restrictions on physical fitness (Form-1) or medical certificate (Form-1A) required to obtain a driver’s license.

The issue was raised with a body of medical experts and their advice was sought. They were mild to moderate color blindness, according to the vehicle should be allowed to run fast and rangandhale panaca be restrictions on citizens of the defect, had recommended was organization. Such individuals are allowed in other parts of the world. Notice in this regard accordingly And a draft notification was issued to make recommendations