Mumbai: Releasing films and TV serials on OTT platforms, other than television, is rapidly becoming more prevalent and viewers too are liking it much, but many people do not get an opportunity on these platforms. As a result, several small-time film and TV serial producers in large numbers are disappointed.

The OTT platform ‘CINELAL’ under the aegis of the ‘Make in India’ call has been created to remove the disappointment of the film and TV serial producers. Several corporate people have co-operated to make this OTT platform, an official release stated.

Informing about this OTT platform, it has been stated that along with films and television serials in Hindi and English languages, even regional languages will be given space on this platform. Presently, there are several OTT platforms, but priority is not given to regional languages in the true sense, due to which several small producers feel a sense of denial. But this will not be the case at ‘CINELAL’, instead along with films of big producers, films of small producers will also be released on this platform.

CINELAL OTT promises to provide a complete entertainment package, in which there will be entertainment stuff for people of all ages and also special attention has been paid to people of all regions and religions. Everyone will get some spice-mix of entertainment. This platform has been adorned with unique content in a very unique way. Romance, drama, thrill, crime, politics and historical genres will be provided on this platform. Along with these, contest programs, travel show and programs like reality shows will also be aired, which will be exclusive and unique.

Along with suggestions from experts in various fields having been sought in the CINELAL OTT platform, as per one estimate, CINELAL OTT platform is all set to link 20 million people globally. It is learnt that the CINELAL OTT platform is being launched in such a way that it will set up a new mark in the field of OTT platforms in a very short time.