belapur: CIDCO is supplying water to its Kharghar, Ulwe, Dronagiri Nodes, and 67 en route villages along the pipeline from Hetawane Dam as a source having a capacity of 150 MLD and part supply to Kharghar from NMMC’s Morbe Dam.

To meet the immediate water demand of CIDCO & NMMC area, Commissioner NMMC has held a meeting on 24.05.2021 with officers of NMMC, MIDC & CIDCO to streamline the water supply-demand of NMMC area and CIDCO’s Kamothe and Kharghar Node and directed City Engineer to provide the supply through NMMC’s Morbe source as agreed and maintain the supply of 50 MLD ie 35 MLD to Kamothe and 15 MLD to Kharghar in close coordination with all these three organization.

CIDCO has taken various measures to fulfill the present demand and one of the measures is constructing a Tunnel across Hamrapur Hill on Raw water gravity main by Micro Tunnel Boring Machine (MTBM) at a depth of about 20 m for a length of 700 m and 350 m MS pipeline work falling in the forest area to achieve the hydraulic gradient, minimize leakages and to increase the raw water drawl from Hetawane Dam for Rs 28.39 Cr. The work is of specialized nature with the construction of Tunnel of 1800 mm dia to lay 1500 mm dia MS pipeline and to complete the loop for raw water gravity main from Dam to WTP at Jite. This work has to be completed in February 2021 but due to forest permission, it got delayed and completed on 25th March 2021 and carried out testing and commissioned to get additional 25 MLD raw water at WTP Jite. However, it will take 8 to 10 days to get additional drawl by synchronizing the entire water supply system. This will help to fulfill the growing demand of Kharghar, Taloja, Ulve, and Dronagiri Node.

CIDCO has made an agreement with KIDC for allocation with KIDC for allocation of additional 120 MLD water from Hetawane dam and paid 119.80 cr. To implement the augmentation of Hetawane water supply scheme from 150 to 270 MLD, CIDCO has appointed M/S Tata Consulting Engineers a reputed organization to peer review the entire system and provide a reliable long term Techno-economical options to complete the phase wise Augmentation from 150 to 270 MLD in a time-bound manner within 3 years to fulfill the CIDCO’s projected demand of the year 2025.

Similarly, MJP is augmenting their Nava Sheva stage-III water supply scheme to 228 MLD. The work is already started by MJP and expected to be completed in the next 3 years. CIDCO has made a reservation of 69 MLD from this scheme. This allocation will fulfill the project demand of NAINA, Karanjade, R & R, Pushpak node. The measure taken by CIDCO for meeting the projected demand of 469 MLD for the year 2025 will be fulfilled through Hetawane (270 MLD), MJP (69 MLD CIDCO + 85 MLD PMC) NMMC (50 MLD), MIDC (10 MLD).

The Ultimate Demand of 1275 MLD for the year 2050 will be taken care by developing additional source of Balganga (350 MLD) and Kondhane (250 MLD) water supply projects. CIDCO is taking vigorous efforts to complete the held-up Belganga Dam project due to litigation and taken up Kondhane Dam project planned to be completed by the year 2027.