In continuation with its commitment for the development of Navi Mumbai Airport Influenced Area (NAINA) project through participatory land pooling concept, Shree Lokesh Chandra, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, CIDCO on 1st November, 2019 has accorded sanction to Draft Town Planning Scheme 3 admeasuring an area of about 438 ha from part villages of Chipale, Koproli, Nere, Nerepada, Vihighar and Moho. 

The Government of Maharashtra, with the purpose of the planned development of the surrounding area of Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA), appointed CIDCO as Special Planning Authority (SPA) vide the notification dated 10/01/2013 for NAINA project comprising 256 villages of Raigad District and 14 villages of Thane District encompassing about 560 sq.kms. Later, with the appointment of MSRDC as SPA for few villages vide the Government Notifications, the scope of NAINA Project has been now limited to 224 villages encompassing 474 Sq.kms. CIDCO with the advice of GoM has decided to implement the project through Town Planning Schemes (TPS).

Intention to prepare TPS-3 was declared on 8th May 2018 having about eight hundred plus land (7/12) holders. The scheme has reached the draft stage within the time lines prescribed in the Maharashtra Regional & Town Planning Act 1966. With the sanction of Draft Scheme, all lands under roads within the scheme are deemed handed over to the Planning Authority,  thereby development of roads within the scheme can be taken immediately. The state government shall now appoint an arbitrator to define, demarcate and decide the areas allotted to the beneficiaries of final plot holders including to the Planning Authority and also assess the contribution payable in respect of each final plot and other issues spelt out in the Act in a time bound manner.

The first three schemes together on successful completion shall ensure 648 ha of planned layout, 830 final plots admeasuring about 250 ha for development by land owners, 17 school plots, 77 ha of parks & playgrounds, 52 km length of road, 26 ha of social amenity plots and about 35 ha of land for Economically weaker section housing.

Major amenity plots like 6.0 ha of sports stadium, Fire station, police station, area for river front development etc. are realised in the schemes through land pooling concept. Almost 15% of the scheme is dedicated towards active open spaces. Scheme also envisages development of theme based urban forestry through the mechanism of Joint forest management. The land under amenities, open spaces, EWS housing, Growth Centre shall be developed by CIDCO. The schemes shall be governed by “Special Development Control Regulations” already sanctioned for preliminary TPS-1 by the Govt.

Since sanction of development plan of 23 villages in April 2014, three schemes total admeasuring approx. 648 Ha achieved substantial milestones. Four more schemes are already declared, proposals of which are being worked out by planning authority, each admeasuring around 250ha. Another four schemes shall be launched by the end of 2019, thereby completing the entire fabric of sanctioned development plan of 23 villages, infrastructure development through town planning schemes. This would be first time in the history of Urban Planning in Maharashtra, entire DP is thought to be implemented through the Town Planning scheme and CIDCO is going full throttle in achieving this milestone. 

The land records of almost the entire 23 villages will get changed into final plots with planned layout, road network and amenities. The Urban Development, Government of Maharashtra, the State Town & Country Planning Department, Pune, have been extending unprecedented support to the Planning Authority in transforming development plan proposals into reality.