Belapur: Every year during the monsoon season, CIDCO operates an Emergency Control Room for the citizens under the jurisdiction of CIDCO in Navi Mumbai. CIDCO has a well-equipped emergency control room from June to September in view of possible disasters/accidents occurring during the monsoon season.

Located on the ground floor of CIDCO Bhavan building at CBD Belapur, the control room will be open 24 hours a day on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. In case of emergency, the staff of important departments like engineering department, health department, fire department, security department, park department etc. will be in touch 24 hours a day through this cell.

CIDCO’s Emergency Control Room pruning of trees that fall / obstruct traffic, restoration of open gutter covers on roads, flood/flood situation, potholes on roads, litter near roads or canals, drowning of persons in water bodies, various types of fires, pandemics Disasters related to bites, building collapses, landslides, waterlogging will be taken care of and immediate action will be taken.

In case of any of the above calamities, the citizens should contact the CIDCO Emergency Control Room on the given telephone number or Whatsapp number or by e-mail to report or report the calamity.

1.Telephone no.022-6791 8383/8384/8385,27562999
2.Toll free no.1800226791
3.Whatsapp no.8879450450
4.Fax no.002-67918199

Upon receipt of information or complaint from citizens by phone or Whatsapp, the control room officials will take immediate action and inform the Chief officer of the node where the incident took place and provide appropriate guidance. Also, the control room will immediately contact the concerned fire department, hospital, traffic police, local police, and take care to deliver the necessary help to the spot immediately. These officers will also seek the help of volunteers from the Civil Defense Force as well as charitable organizations.

The control room will play an important role in coordinating with the nodal officers, all concerned CIDCO departments, as well as other government departments. Nodal officers will provide information and status of the action taken in that incident to the control room. This information will be given to the citizens contacted by the control room.

 Danger notice boards will be erected on the site of quarries and dilapidated buildings. CIDCO’s security guards will be deployed at accident-prone places. Dangerous tree branches are also being pruned. If water is stored during heavy rains, water pumping equipment will be made available 24 hours a day.