Rajnath Singh, took charge as country’s new Defence Minister. Hours before taking charge, Singh visited the National War Memorial and paid tribute to soldiers who laid down their lives for the country post-independence. But as a defence minister, Rajnath will face several crucial challenges and one of them being would be to speed-up the long-delayed modernisation of Armed forces.  

As soon as he took charge as defence minister, Rajnath held a meeting with chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Force. His next challenge will be to strengthen the combat possibilities of Army, Navy and Air Force. Rajnath took over the reins from his predecessor Nirmala Sitharaman three months after the Balakot Air Strike. Hence another challenge he’ll face is to combat cross-border terrorism besides ensuring peace and tranquillity with China. He also need to develop military infrastructure to deal with possible Chinese hostility.

Singh needs to be at fore-front while dealing with the cross-border terrorism, as it a huge concern since last few years. Infiltration’s of terrorists into Jammu and Kashmir from Pakistan will be another key area to focus on. Prime Minister during all his elections rallies focused majorly on defence and security preparedness of the country. Hence, among all these, the new defence minister needs to go ahead with the domestic defence production and Singh will have to carry forward a number of big-ticket reform initiatives. Centre needs to make the Indian defence industry, particularly the public sector, by making investments in research and development.