According to the Entrackr report, the Chinese video app ByteDance earned income of ₹23-25 crore within the final quarter, which ended on December 31, 2019. The brand is keeping money on its advertisement designs to churn more ad revenue this year as brands, particularly FMCG brands, have been bullish on these advertisement designs as compared to conventional advertisement designs.

TikTok provides multiple ad formats

As per the report, TikTok gives multiple advertisement groups for brands, counting in-feed recordings, branded impacts such as AR filers and branded focal point, hashtag challenges, etc. Branded impacts and Hashtag Challenge have been the foremost compelling advertisement groups on the stage so far

Well known FMCG brands including Pepsi, Lay’s Britannia and Oreo, have utilized the stage to reach out to consumers. Apart from FMCG brands, OYO, Paytm, Snapdeal and ClubFactory are too leveraging Tiktok’s one of a kind advertisement designs, Entrackr report says. With over 200 million clients, India has been a huge market for the short-video app over the last year. TikTok had clocked over 60 million introduces in September 2019, getting to be the foremost downloaded social media app around the world. India had topped the list with 44% of downloads, as per previous reports.

TikTok taking on Facebook

As for TikTok taking on Facebook and its social media stages in terms of income, it’s not planning to happen any time before long — TikTok’s ₹25 cr income is still minimal compared to Facebook. According to Facebook’s regulatory filings, the social media saw 71% development within the Indian market, with ₹892 cr income in the financial year 2018-2019. Facebook’s promoting affiliate commerce section income had measured to ₹263 crore for 2019. Facebook was moreover the second most introduced social media app around the world after TikTok, with more than 50.5 million introduces out of which 23% were recorded from India.

Credits: the Hindu