Mumbai’s most cherished star, Mr. Boman Rashid Kohinoor, senior partner at Britannia & Co eatery passed absent on Wednesday at 4.45 pm, after being within the ICU for over two weeks. He was 97 a long time ancient. Boman Rashid Kohinoor was 20 a long time ancient when he took over the reins of Britannia & Co that was established by his father Rashid, in 1923. Amid WWII, youthful Boman and his father went through evenings at the eatery, stressed that it would be assaulted, owing to its vicinity to the city’s ports. Beneath his administration, Britannia has gone on to gotten to be one of Mumbai’s most sought-after eateries for Parsi and Irani food.

1892 – Set up in Kolkata with a venture of Rs. 295

1918 – The Company was incorporated on 21st March, as Public Limited Company beneath the Indian Companies Act, VII of 1913.

1921 – The Company obtained a Certificate and imported modern machinery becoming the first biscuit company in India.

1924 – A new production line was built up at Kasara Dock Street in Mumbai. Within the same year, the Company got to be an auxiliary of Peek, Frean&Co.Ltd., U.K., a leading biscuit manufacturing company, and encourage fortified its position by growing the production lines at Calcutta.

1939-45 – A large portion of the Company’s generation was redirected to war exertion on account of World War II and at times as much as 95% of the whole capacity was booked for the production of biscuit.

1952 – The Calcutta Factory plant was moved from Dum Dum to spacious grounds at Taratola Street within the rural areas of Calcutta. Amid the same year, programmed plants were introduced there and afterward in Mumbai in 1954.

1954 – The improvement of tall quality cut and wrapped bread in India was spearheaded by the Company and was to begin with made at Delhi.

1955 – Britannia launched the delicious biscuit Bourbon in India.

1963 – Britannia Cakes hit the markets.

1975 – Britannia takes over biscuit distribution from Parry’s

1976 – Britannia Bread is presented in Calcutta and Chennai

1978 – The Indian shareholding within the company crosses 60%

1979- With effect from 3rd October, the name of the Company was changed from the Britannia Biscuit Co., Ltd., to Britannia Industries Ltd.

1980 – The Company marked a 10-year specialized collaboration agreement with Nebico Pvt. Ltd., Nepal, for the supply of know-how relating to fabricating, bundling and marketing of biscuits.

1983 – Sales cross Rs. 100 crores.

1986 – The turnover expanded by 19.4% over the past year to Rs 192.15 crores. Good Day, a new biscuit has launched amid the year met with great response.


1987 – In 16 months, the overall deals turnover expanded on an annualized premise by 38.7% over the past year.

1989 – The Company propelled a new brand of scone, to be specific, CIRCUT’. Another brand new Cashew Badam was expanded broadly and pista badam was included to Good Day run of rolls. The Official Office of the company moved to Bangalore.

1990- Two new brands of biscuits, Elaichi Cream and Petit Beurre are propelled. A new Cashew Badam variation of the brand Milk Bikis and Pure Magic biscuit vanilla flavour is launched.

1992 – Britannia celebrates its Platinum Celebration!

1993 – The Wadia Group secures a claim within the company and gets to be an equal partner accomplice with Bunch Danone. Britannia too launches Little Hearts and 50-50 biscuits.

1994 – Annual volume created 1 lakh ton of biscuits. This year Britannia launches Baker’s Choice and Thinlite – pointed at the wellbeing and health of the buyer.

1995 – Britannia distinguishes a modern mission – to create each 3rd Indian a Britannia buyer. It too changes its Corporate personality to “Eat Healthy, Think Better”

1996 – Britannia Marie Gold and Milk Bikis Milk Cream perform uncommonly well within the showcase and the company’s benefits improve despite the lull within the economy.

1997 – Britannia dispatches its Dairy items. Britannia moreover dispatches Tiger biscuits, Chekkers and Jim Jams.

1998 – The company dispatches Half/Half, a delicate cake filled with cream in two variations, chocolate-vanilla, and vanilla-orange.

1999 – Britannia dispatches its brand of flavoured milk and the popular Britannia Reference books.

2000 – Britannia Industries dispatches the gigantically effective campaign `Britannia Khao, Cricketer Ban Jao’. It too dispatches the item Vita Mariegold in this year. Britannia too dispatches Milkman Lassi and Milkman Cold Coffee. Britannia was voted in Beat 300 little companies by Forbes Worldwide.

2001 – Britannia Businesses dispatches Britannia Milkman Milk in Delhi. Britannia is recognized as No.1 nourishment brand of India by Economic Times Brand Equity survey.

2002 – Britannia Businesses Ltd declared on Walk 26, 2002 that it has entered into a joint wander with the Fonterra Cooperative Group, New Zealand’s greatest company and one of the driving journal co-operative bunches within the world. Britannia’s modern COO is Nikhil Sen.

2004 – Britannia has concurred the status of being a ‘Superbrand’. Volumes cross 3, 00,000 tons of biscuits. Good Day includes Choconut to its extend.

2005 – Relaunches the brand Tiger, with the profoundly effective trademark – ‘Swasth Khao, Tiger Ban Jao’ additionally dispatches 50-50 Pepper Chakkar.

2007 – Britannia businesses shaped a joint venture with the Khimji Ramdas Bunch and procured a 70% advantageous state within the Dubai-based Strategic Foods International Co. LLC and 65.4% within the Oman-based Al Sallan Food Industries Co. SAOG. Britannia dispatches NutriChoice – the primary of its kind of biscuits in India – with no added sugar.

2009 – Britannia takes full control of Every day Bread. Britannia Modern Zealand Nourishment (BNZF) got to be a BIL backup after BIL bought out New Zealand’s Fonterra from the existing joint venture. BNZF was renamed Britannia Dairy Pvt. Ltd. (BDPL). Britannia became the first Bakery brand in India to evacuate trans-fats from 99.9% of its items. Wadia Group got to be the biggest shareholder in BIL after procuring stake possessions from Gather Danone.

2010 – Britannia Industries Ltd has named Dr. Vijay L. Kelkar as an Additional Director on the Board of the Company with impact from May 28, 2010.

2011 – Britannia received the Most Respected Company Award 2011 from Businessworld. Bourbon received the Foremost Prevalent Confectionery Item Favoured by Youth (Biscuit) Grant. The Modern Trade team of Britannia was regarded with Winner-BEST Pastry shop Provider grant for the year 2011-12, at the 1st SPENCER’S Best Supplier Awards 2012 on 22nd June.

2012 – Britannia was awarded the Global Performance Excellence Award (GPEA) by Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO).

2013 – Britannia brings home the goodness of brilliant, sun-kissed wheat with its all modern NutriChoice Crackers Range.

2014 –  An exclusive select tie-up with Amazon for the dispatch of its most recent item Good Day Chunkies, a super-premium chocolate chip cookie.

2015 – Britannia Bourbon, India’s to begin with premium chocolate roll completes 60 great a long time.

2016 – Britannia dispatches Cake Biscotti, India’s to begin with ever classic ‘Bridge’ item combining the finest of the world of a cake which of a cookie. Britannia launched its state of the craftsmanship R&D Middle office in Bidadi, Karnataka.

2017 – Entered into a joint venture understanding with Chipita S.A., a Greek company, for the make and deal of prepared to-eat scrumptious croissants.

Today, The Britannia the brand has done it once more re-evaluating equation. Proprietors say that it was not a small thing. They inquired about this for nearly a year and 2-3 months. The objective was set up-front. The objective was that they cannot walk exceptionally distant absent from where they are since the brand is such a solid brand.

Boman Kohinoor was only 20 years a long time when he took charge of Britannia & Co that was established by his father, Rashid, in 1923. In any case, the smile will never take off him when it comes to the clients which are exceptional. The greatest lesson to memorize from his life is the legacy that he has left out behind.