Half of the new motorable bridge will be set up over the railroad tracks in a single day at the spot where the initial Hancock bridge was annihilated four years ago. The new bridge, which is 65 meters in length and 15 meters wide, weighs 660 metric tons. The mammoth outline must be put in at one go without harming overhead wires and posts. After the outline is put in place, the asphalting will be done. Whereas this half of the bridge will be utilized for activity both ways before long after it is put in around March, the other half of it’ll be transported and settled similarly when it is prepared.

Hancock bridge, which was built in 1879 close Sandhurst Street railroad station, interfacing Mazgaon to the Western parts of the city, was pulverized in January 2016 after being declared risky. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is prepared to require on the gigantic errand of setting the modern bridge’s outline.

One of the engineers said that as there’s persistent activity of trains, it is exceptionally troublesome to construct a bridge over the tracks as we cannot halt train services. So, the BMC opted for a collected bridge. Until presently, foot over bridges were being put up in such a way but putting together a motorable bridge could be a tremendous errand.

BMC has completed building the establishment structure on both sides. The braces as well are on the location, on the Mazgaon side of the tracks. The BMC has submitted the Temporary Arrangement Drawing (TAD) report to the railroads and its officers have sent it to the Commissioner of Security for endorsement. The Central Railroad has completed modification of overhead wires required for the work.

After the approval, the BMC will assemble all the girders which have been on site from November. “The bridge frame parts came from Chandigarh. We couldn’t transport the whole frame, so the parts were dismantled and then transported. Now we will again assemble it with 20,000 bolts,” said another officer from the Bridges Department. It will take around 45 days (about March) to assemble the parts and the frame will occupy Mazgaon road. The BMC is taking permission from the traffic police for this.

After the endorsement, the BMC will gather all the supports which have been on location from November. Another officer from the Bridges Office said that the bridge outline parts came from Chandigarh. As total frame can’t be transported so the parts were dismantled and after that transported. Presently there’s once more amass it with 20,000 jolts. The bridge will be prepared for traffic from both sides after being assembled and after that asphalt will be put on it. The other break even with portion of the bridge will be put additionally. The cost of the total bridge is Rs 52 crore and the BMC has agreed to pay Rs 28 crore for codal and 10-year maintenance charges and Rs 11 crore for the modification of the overhead wires to the Central Railroad.

Credits: Mid Day