India is serious to eliminate single-use plastic in our country by the year 2022.Eliminating plastic use is becoming part of production assessment at top consuming facing industries. Not only government but various companies are supporting to eradicate single use plastic. Companies such as ITC, Welspun and Marico are important contributor on making the packaging innovative, recyclable and are emphasizing on proper waste management. The motto is to increase the awareness of eco-friendly packaging, to bring companies and recyclers in alliance and to promote the culture of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Some of the Brands have announced their share of participating in the activity above .Here are few examples for the same:

1) Amazon has announce that as a part of sustainability efforts in the country it will eliminate single use plastic in its packaging by year 2020.

2) Air India has prepared an action programme to stop single use plastic in its flights.

3) Flipkart declared that by 2021 it will move towards 100% recycled plastic consumption in its supply chain.

4) Marriott International asserted that it is phasing out miniature bottle of shampoos, bath gel and conditioner at 7000 properties worldwide by December 2020.

5) Hindustan Uniliver’s parent has introduced shampoo bars, cardboard deodorant sticks, bamboo toothbrushes and refillable toothpaste tablets.

It would be interesting to see what other measure different brands and companies will adopt to reach the goal of making India plastic free.