Artificial Intelligence is everywhere! Every time you ask a question to Siri or Alexa, it is Artificial Intelligence replying back. Or when your favorite online shopping portal gives you a list of things you may like to buy, it is Artificial Intelligence deciding based on your past shopping. Or even the pop-up chat messages where a customer support representative offers help and assistance while you are navigating through a website, isn’t from a real person but Artificial Intelligence created virtual characters. While we may not have been aware of it, Artificial Intelligence has slowly seeped into our daily lives without us even realizing it. 

So the question that first arises is ‘What is Artificial Intelligence?’ 

To quote John McCarthy, the Father of Artificial Intelligence, “Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.” While our perception of Artificial Intelligence are the super-cool robots that we have seen in movies like Terminator and Matrix, Artificial Intelligence consists of a vast number of domains, which amalgamates mathematics, statistics, computer science and a lot of modeling and coding, to create intelligent software programs that will imitate human behavior. 

Of late, Artificial Intelligence has made quite a mark in India, with the country ranking third globally, when it comes to research on Artificial Intelligence. Not only that, India has also ranked thirteenth in a survey for countries with the most developed Artificial Intelligence. Ever since Artificial Intelligence has become so popular, Applied Artificial Intelligence has been a course subject for higher studies. But with the advancement of technology, Artificial Intelligence is now being added to school curriculum too. The Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) has recently announced that Artificial Intelligence will soon be added to the curriculum as an elective subject for those in VIII, IX and X. This is indeed the right way and age to get young minds to be interested in this science right at a young age, and get them future-ready. 

Let us take a look at the various sectors where Artificial Intelligence has been or can greatly be of help.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
India is a country with a population of over 1.3 billion, but there are not enough doctors for the entire population. This is a problem especially in the rural areas where there are only 33% of the total number of doctors are available to the public. Furthermore, the doctors in the urban cities are mostly present in tier 1 and tier 2 cities, leading to patients having to travel miles before getting proper diagnosis and treatment. This is a field where Artificial Intelligence can come into play by assisting them to remotely diagnose patients. This will at least help tackle the issue of late diagnosis, resulting in doctors being able to treat more patients at a time.

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture
India has proudly been an agrarian country, with around 58% rural families living off on farming. In order to increase the quantity and quality of the output, Artificial Intelligence can be employed. Developing systems to help farmers to predict the right time to sow seeds and automating tasks to decrease manual labor can easily help them with better crop yield. Technology giant, Microsoft, has already started work in this industry, to provide Artificial Intelligence sensors to farmers that will notify them on their smartphones, on issues such as pest attack or upcoming weather changes. 

Artificial Intelligence in Banking and Financial Services
The past few years have started to see the banking and finance industry deploy Artificial Intelligence into their functioning. Using chat bots and virtual agents for their customer service, banks are now available online around the clock to cater to customer queries. Furthermore, banks and financial service providers can also use Artificial Intelligence to reduce security risks and frauds, which are very much possible due to human errors. Banks have now even gone on to placing physical robots at their branches in order to assist patrons.

Artificial Intelligence in Education
If recent reports are to be seen, Indian schools has a massive shortage of 1 million teachers at classrooms all across the country. Moreover, colleges and Universities are facing issues of finding qualified teachers. With such a vast population to educate, deploying Artificial Intelligence will indeed be a relief to reach out to students everywhere. Creating software based on Artificial Intelligence to enhance the learning experience for students by assisting teachers is already in the works in India. The computer program can help teachers decide what way of teaching is best for students, based on behavior and performance analytics. Thus, leading to personalized education for students. Artificial Intelligence can further assist in grading efficiently and quickly, making it easier for teachers. This is just the beginning of the process to improve the education system in the country and try filling the gaps; the future might show us Artificial Intelligence robots teaching at classrooms where there are no teachers.

Artificial Intelligence in Media and Entertainment
Be it movies, gaming or music, Artificial Intelligence has been enhancing the experience in India for quite some time. Automating the process the editing films or digitally enhancing them, Artificial Intelligence has only made it better for cine-goers with respect the quality that they get to watch. Gaming is undoubtedly the first domain to adopt Artificial Intelligence, as can be seen so clearly. Be it the visual effects or the way the game advances taking the player’s though process and decision-making into consideration, the experience has only become better with time. Artificial Intelligence has also had a great influence in digitizing music. Composing music is now only a game of clicks, making it quick and efficient. Artificial Intelligence has also given rise to virtual and augmented reality, changing the media industry forever. 

Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce
One of the first places where Artificial Intelligence has been a giant boon is e-commerce. With technology, buying and selling retail came to our handheld devices and computers. But Artificial Intelligence has made the experience even better. With virtual assistants to help buyers and sellers in case issues arise, the whole problem-solving process has become more efficient. Almost every e-commerce company in India currently has applied some Artificial Intelligence based recommendation system in their program in order to help their users with their decision-making. This kind of system works on past data of a user, analyzing his or her spends, orders and wishlists. Artificial Intelligence is definitely one of the reasons why e-commerce has flourished so much India.These were just some of the few sectors where using Artificial Intelligence has been or will be highly beneficial. This technology is such that can be put to use in almost every domain of our day-to-day living. It is just a matter of time when we will have robots doing our everyday chores, like in ‘The Jetsons’.