Joining the growing list of celebrities that have contracted coronavirus, country music star Kalie Shorr announced that she has been tested positive for the virus. The singer took to Twitter to share the information about her diagnosis. The ‘Lullaby’ singer joined other celebrities like Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Idris Elba who were earlier diagnosed with COVID-19.

The 25-year-old country music star took to Twitter to discuss her diagnosis. She tweeted, “Despite being quarantined (except for a handful of trips for groceries) for three weeks, I managed to contract COVID 19. I’m feeling significantly better, but it’s proof how dangerous and contagious this is. It’s endlessly frustrating to see people not taking this seriously.”

She added, “The first few days were absolutely miserable. I’ve never felt like that before. My entire body was in pain, and my fever was like riding a wave. I completely lost my sense of taste and smell.”

According to the World Health Organisation, COVID-19 has affected over seven lakh people globally.

Credits: ANI