AM or PM?*

 – Suneel Agarwal :

The headlines are screaming about it; people are debating about it; the phone lines are buzzing about it. There is one talk that is dominating discussions in this country of 1.2 billion.

Who will lead this great country of ours?

Like the duty of an eligible daughter’s parents, or an employer’s obligation to the employees at the end of a month, whenever the countdown to elections starts, so do the rumour mills churning out different views, opinions and suggestions on whom the right candidate should be.

Till few months ago, it was a two stable race, with one stable declaring the horse and the other making their choice obvious. All this changed with one sweep of a broom in the capital city and made the race unstable.

When I hear the hue and cry about the PM, I actually wonder whether this matter merits as much discussion as it generates. Since independence we have had PMs of all hues and shades, some colourful, some dull; some bare headed, some bare chested; some cool, some hot; and some who were not.

In the corporate world, the organization is an extension of the dream and vision of the leader. I have however not seen it to be true in cases of cities, states or countries. This is primarily because in the corporate world you rarely get to choose your leader, and in the political world you don’t get to choose your people.

So, does it matter, who becomes the PM. I guess it doesn’t. What matters is not the leader but the welfare. If people have an opinion or a preference, it is because of their vested concerns. Their perception on how each candidate is likely to affect their interests is what divides people towards their choices.

So, the opinions of people are not about candidates, but the insurance of their dreams and aspirations.

And with that can you have a unanimous choice? Probably not! Opinions change thick and fast with every passing day just as partners discover after marriage. One week in the capital and the common man sees the common problems he has seen with every party.

At the end, it will turn out to be another meaningless discussion of an eligible before marriage which settles before the reception pavilion has been dismantled.

However, if it turns out to be a real different PM, the talk will not focus on ‘who’ but on ‘what’ they experience.

So, PMs in the making are like dreams. They are needed to make the sleeping times memorable. Or they will do something memorable that we have only been so far dreaming about.

– Suneel Agarwal is Chief Energizing Officer at Parichay Brand Consultants. Drinks tea occasionally!
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*Originally posted on January 22, 2014: 12:24am in Re-posted with prior permission in NewsWithChai as the time demands it!