Dr. Ravikant Zala, Me. Pooja Lakhani and Dr. Matalia Piyush addressed the awareness talk organized by the Rotary Club of Satellite City at the Apollo Hospital in Navi Mumbai on May 12 on the ‘Allergic Disorders in Urbanization’.

Allergic Disorders in Urbanization

Dr. Ravikant Zala, a practicing Allergy Specialist since the last 25 years manages the Zala hospital in Panvel and is attached to the Fortis Hospital and PKC Hospital in Vashi. He delved on the causative factors of Allergies and how it could be prevented and controlled.

Talking to NewsWithChai Dr. Zala informed, “Allergy is an exaggerated and abnormal response of the body to a usually harmless substance in the environment. These substances could be pollen’s, molds, dust mites, animal dander or anything on this planet that is termed an allergen capable of giving an allergic reaction.