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Our passionate team at News with Chai, broadcast news and events to our local readers in every city. We aim for comprehensive coverage of interesting local news and events. We are India’s multi-lingual hyper-local digital news network.

“News with Chai” is a community service media powered by the people, for the people. Our expressed mission is to serve the social good. Our journalists go to the nooks and corner of the city to bring out the hidden truth. We as hyper-local network majorly focus on the issues of the remote areas which mainstream media happen to ignore. From the local issues to entertainment, our journalists cover them all.

What’s more? We help brands to grow their business through all methods, regardless of whether words, pictures or videos to construct their notoriety through enthusiastic associations and take care of their interchanges issues. We do it everywhere, throughout the world.

To contribute to Newswithchai just add a #hashtag to your local-news tweet @newswithchai or post it on our Facebook page. You can also send the complete news (text, image & graphics) to along with your details. For more information, please read the Discussion & Submission Guidelines